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What is GLINTZ Kidz?

GLINTZ Kidz are sparkly, child-size, couldn't-be-easier-to-use tiles specially designed with kids in mind.  




Where can I use GLINTZ Kidz?

Wherever there are kids! Teachers use them in early childhood centres and primary schools, and of course they're perfect for children's bedrooms and other places in your home.  Kids will have their own ideas, too: GLINTZ Kidz seem to inspire creativity. 




What's the point of GLINTZ Kidz?

On walls and surfaces GLINTZ Kidz add brightness and colour to environments where kids find themselves.  GLINTZ Kidz seem to have a relaxing effect on kids - after all, who loves colour more than children? And they engage both sight and touch. 

You can also use them individually.  Children play with them.  It's as simple as that.  Don't let our kids lose their capacity to play.  It's so vital for their development on all fronts (let alone their learning). 




And yes, they help children learn!  You can use them in a range of activities: matching, sequencing, spelling, counting and making patterns. 

Perhaps most importantly, they're fun to use.




How do I stick them on?

It's child's play: just peel and stick!




Do teachers really use GLINTZ Kidz (as opposed to just admiring them on the walls)?

We asked them straight out.  Here are some of their answers/suggestions:


  • "Use individually as loose parts to encourage spontaneous play" 
  • "Use groups of tiles to encourage sequencing skills and pattern-making" 
  • "Make the room more colourful by adding them to walls, murals, signs, desks, tables and chairs"
  • "Use to create designs on ceilings and walls to create a more pleasant positive learning environment" 
  • "Use with GLINTZ alphabet stickers to build language skills"
  • "Use them to form sounds or group together to form words and sentences"
  •  "Attach them to walls, mural or letter boards to grow 'word' skills"

    We're hearing about new uses for GLINTZ Kidz all the time. 




    What we've noticed

    Children are instantly attracted to their bright colour and sparkle.  They get stuck into making their own creations in no time.  




    And there's more! Join the GLINTZ Kidz community

    Yes, by popular request we now have a Facebook page: "GLINTZ Kidz" is where teachers and parents share ideas about using GLINTZ tiles to support kids' learning and play and school and at home.  

    Its's a work in constant progress.  We share regular updates and activities, and would love to hear your thoughts about how we can improve the page.  Do join us on Facebook. And do feel free to spread the word. 



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