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Our Story

A bit of background

Glintz started life as jewellery, funnily enough, but founder Kimberley's original idea had a life of its own, and she found herself creating funky, colourful design pieces in the form of tiles. 

The idea grew on Kimberley.  After all, whether we decorate ourselves or our homes, it's all about transformation, and nothing transforms a home like colour.  Tiles can be daring - they can add a focus, a centrepiece, even an edge and while they are definitely high end, they don't require a second mortgage.  Most of all, they're fun. 


About Kimberley

Kimberley's background is unique, encompassing education, research, business and teaching, all shot through with what has become a trademark passion for art and creativity. 

What also characterises everything Kimberley puts her mind to is quality, high performance and focus.  At the same time, she has a gift for communication and instilling trust in those with whom she comes into contact. 

GLINTZ is the culmination of all of the above, combining Kimberley's lifelong love of colour with a desire to make a difference in people's lives.  She has as much joy sharing GLINTZ tiles as she does creating them. 


Who are we?

  • We're a team that specialise in home transformation through colour, namely via GLINTZ.
  • Thanks to our interior redevelopment experience, we know exactly what works: we're here to help you build stunning showpieces.
  • We prize high quality design, creativity and inspiration, and hard work to make it all happen.
  • We share our insights freely, to help you keep ahead of the latest styles and trends.  Check out our blog for FREE inspiration and tips.    


Designers at heart.

  • We work hard to find out what works, then develop unique designs and styles that inspire and delight our customers.  
  • We choose the very best concepts that we know will generate vibrant and powerful results. 
  • Each interior space is different, so we provide a range of colours and styles to suit every look.
  • We value variety and uniqueness; our high-quality designs are exclusive and at the same time transform a range of environments.


      Our goals.

      • Happy customers are our single biggest commitment from concept to design.  It's as simple as that. 
      • We believe people deserve quality over quantity.  Which is why our products focus on high-end designs that add value, flair and a touch of uniqueness. 
      • We believe creativity should be celebrated. So we design products that help people transform their space into their own masterpiece.  It's paid off: we're blown away by the brilliant and innovative ways our customers are using GLINTZ to transform their homes. We love to share their stories.  Check out what people like you are saying about GLINTZ!



          Where in the world do GLINTZ come from?

          We're a Kiwi-based company.  You'll find us in Wairoa, Hawkes Bay.  We like to think GLINTZ tiles have something of the warmth, beauty and wildness of their place of origin. 





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