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5 Clever Tips for Powering Through Kitchen Design

Posted on 06 March 2017

Planning a kitchen makeover might seem overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry.  This formula will help you get inspired, think outside the square, and rocket through your design process.  Welcome to '5 clever tips to help you power through kitchen design'.   


1.  Set and communicate your goal.

Great kitchen results start with design-driven goals.  Goals are important because without them you are direction-less.  Goals must be specific, achievable and realistic. How do we begin?  Firstly, decide on the type of design you want to achieve.  Ask yourself ‘what kind of look and feel do I for see in this space?’ A big bold statement that shouts from the rooftops and leaves a lasting impression, or a low key enhancement that adds an ounce of excitement to the kitchen experience? What colours, materials, and accessories will help me achieve this?

Set your design goals, and ensure that they support your target ‘look and feel’.  Then, communicate this to anyone else involved in your project.  It is important that your crew of besties, colleagues or tradesmen understand your design, so that you can work together unitedly to make it happen.


2.  Create a draft sketch, or collections board. 

Great designs get a creative boost with the use of a collections board.  Collections boards are a great way to get ‘what’s in your head’ onto paper for further development.  Start this process by sketching out how you want your design to look and feel. 

Use your design goals from step 1 to build and refine your desired outcome.  Then, place your board in a prominent place, such as on the fridge door or kitchen counter.  This will help you in two key ways.  Firstly, it will provide a visual reminder that reinforces your goal each time you see it, and secondly, it will provide a base-point from which your ideas can grow as you explore new concepts.  A creative process like this helps fine-tune and improve your final design.   Remember to update the board as your ideas evolve.


3.  Get inspired by trends, and ask friends for feedback

Websites like Pinterest provide a great platform for inspiration.  New and inspiring colours, patterns, and styles are waiting to be discovered, and in abundant supply throughout interior design articles and blogs, like this one.  Consider design elements that correspond with your intended look, find imagery that helps build a greater sense of style, and incorporate these concepts into your collections board. Review this regularly to ensure your design goals are intact.

Who’s up for some fun? Kitchens are social spaces, so have fun by making your design a social event! Coffee with friends is the perfect opportunity to throw ideas around, and receive feedback from honest critics.  Remember, socially constructive criticism is one of the most valuable ways to pre-test the potential of your design, and extend your field of creative possibilities.  So start that coffee machine (or break open a sachet), because not only are good catch-ups seriously therapeutic, they also provides a chance to absorb different design perspectives from those likely be the most regular guests in your new kitchen.


4.  View your project as a value-adding investment.

While it is natural to want to keep the cost down, it is important to think about how your design will impact long term. The use of high quality materials will prolong the right look, and create a high-end appearance that will attract guests, visitors and future potential buyers.  Remember that your design doesn’t have to be a ceiling to floor remodel to command attention. Small improvements can really make a difference, and simple affordable touch-ups can enhance a room without hurting your wallet.  A small mosaic or tile art piece for example, can add serious punch, and completely transform the look and form of your kitchen. Viewing your project as a value-adding activity will ensure however, that you invest wisely in high quality materials.  


5.  Keep it simple, seriously.

We can often get bogged down in the details, especially with the thought of ‘all that work’.  But you can easily overcome this by keeping your design simple.  Your collections board will help you design an elegant, yet achievable masterpiece.  And given that our tastes change over time, you can always make future additions when the need arises.  Remember, that even small additions can create a kitchen that inspires confidence and colour. 

Kitchen design is a fantastic field for unleashing your creative potential.  This formula has helped many people get inspired, and accelerate through the design process.  Here’s a quick recap of steps 1 – 5 to get you going: Get your goals in mind and communicate these out to key people.  Develop a collections board of ideas, and refine these down by exploring trends and working with feedback from friends.  Remember to view your project as a value-adding investment, without over-complicating the design.  Instead, try to keep it simple, seriously. 

Following these steps will have you speeding through the design process, and on towards kitchen greatness.


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