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5 Useful Tips for Designing like a Pro! Part 1 of 2

Posted on 09 October 2016

Expert advice to help unleash your tile genius!

So, here’s the little funk you’re in.  You want to create a groovy and artful design for your family and friends to stand back and muse over.  You’re envisioning something profound, inspirational, and just plain ‘Oh, wow!’. But you’re a tad stuck on how to make it all happen.  Not to worry.  Generating a tile-popping masterpiece might sound tricky at first, but there’s no need to fear.  This article outlines five useful tips from the experts on how to unleash your creativity, and begin those steps towards making award-winning designs! 

  1. Colour it right
    Firstly, choose the colours that best match your interior.  This involves considering how your GLINTZ design will correspond to the existing shades and styles.  If you have a modern kitchen which say, contains greys and blacks, try adding a burst of red for a fierce focal point.  Alternatively, if your kitchen is wild with colour, you may wish to slick it down with subtle shades of grey (not the movie), charcoals and gold.  Pastel coloured rooms can be contemporised with the addition of punchy pinks and greens.  And bland featureless environments can really ignite with an infusion of purples, reds and oranges!

  2. Size matters
    Secondly, consider the size and proportions of your tile designs, these are key factors that will make a considerable difference to the 'look and feel' of your room!  A large tile design will become a key feature and will dominate space, no doubt demanding attention from your guests, whereas carefully placed tiles at various spot points will subtly enhance the room’s existing colours, adding that special ‘cherry on the top’ sparkle. Big or small, size does matter, so make sure it works to your advantage!

  3. On the surface
    Thirdly, inspect and prepare the surface on which you plan to place the tiles.  Remember, the surface should be clean, flat and dry.  This means you will need to rub, rinse or chainsaw off the dirt that invades your otherwise perfect canvas.  Go on, roll up those sleeves if you have to!  Good prep also means checking that the surface is flat, that is, without undulations or loose material, such as old wallpaper, bumpy plaster work, chewing gum, or squashed insects.  Tiles may break or come loose, so it is good to check that the surface to which you are applying the tiles is flat. If it is not, a levelling compound can be used to even the surface out.  Applying these compounds requires more work, but is worth it if you wish to apply the tiles in a area of uneven wall space.  The compound can take up to 48 hours to cure, and then GLINTZ can be installed on top. And of course, ensure that the tiles are not being stuck to a wet, humid or moist surface, as this seriously inhibits the adhesive power of the tile backing.  Tiles that slip-slide away, are not currently a good look.


So now that you’re stocked with these useful tips, we encourage you to don your creative tool-belt, and have a go! But just before you leave, there’s one final and important point, which is: remember to celebrate your finished design! Don’t forget to stand back and admire your work, take stock of your talent, get out that camera, and start snapping!  And of course, don’t forget to send us your images and we’ll showcase them for the world to see! 

Watch this space for more great 'tile loving' ideas! 

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